We can make your special day that extra bit special.


The perfect theme for your perfect day.
A wedding is a very special day. Here at StS, we love working on weddings - they can be the most rewarding kind of work there is. So, you've got your venue for the service, and you've got your venue for the reception. As lovely as they are, the lighting may seem a bit stark and boring. That's where we come in. We have a track record in transforming venues in to something magical. We love to meet with couples and discuss their themes and colour schemes and create something special with that information. Colour washes, festoons, fairy lights, moving beams - we can do it all. Take a look at our wedding photos on our photo section to see what kind of looks we can achieve.


Speeches, Bands, Music.
Great, the lighting is just right - what about the sound? Every wedding has sound requirements. Should it be a microphone for the speeches, a sound system for playing those party songs everyone loves or reinforcement for your wedding band and/or string quartet. Look no further. We are happy to be present at your special day to look after it all too, so you don't have to worry about it. Alternatively, we can leave simple instructions for one of your family or friends to follow and leave you to it. We really do pride ourselves on making your special day even more special - and love to tailor to your specific needs to help that.


We'll give you a leg to stand on.
Remember that String Quartet we mentioned earlier? Where are they going to go? Nobody will be able to see them if they just set up in the corner. And what about the wedding band? And the top table would look great on a higher level too... Well, we can help. We have a great deal of experience building small stages for just such occasions. Having things on levels can really add something to the aesthetic of your reception. Drop us a line to find out what we could do for you.

Special Effects

Make your wedding go with a WIPAASHHH BOOM!
(And of course, a bang.)
So, the lighting is looking great. The sound is perfect. The staging is giving everyone a perfect view of the entertainment. But wouldn't it be great to have a confetti shower as the happy couple enter the room? And of course a mirror ball would look great for that cheesy disco set. Or maybe some fake flame effects for your themed wedding reception? Well, at StS, we can get anything you need to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Tailor made, safe and reasonably priced - why not ask us what we can do for you?