Lighting, Sound, Stage, Production, Special Effects...

Production Management

Task. Team. Individual. Cake.
(The Four Sectors of Good Management.)
Productions can mean more than simply whacking something on and seeing what happens. Sometimes they need to grow over time. A decent production manager will ensure that the meetings in March to sort out November don’t just end up being redundant once the fit up starts. StS have experience in managing productions. It’s an odd term that sometimes gets swallowed up in other roles on smaller shows, but every job we work on has it and it’s principles run through the work we do. Be efficient, be on budget, be safe and be good. If you need a Production Manager to be your overseeing eye, we can supply them (though whether they bring cake or not is another thing...)

Stage Management

Let's do it by the book.
You've got your lighting rigged and plotted. You have that duck sound effect for Act Two. You've even managed to convince your leading man that he isn't losing his voice. Its ten minutes to curtain up and everything is good to go. The question is, how? Stage Management needs to be done correctly, more than that, poor stage management is down right unsafe. StS can provide you with teams that make sure your performers get what they need to do the best they can. We can't ensure that they will of course, but you can be sure that complaints about missing props, late cues and unswept stages are kept out of your hair so you can get on with the serious stuff and display your vision without unnecessary technical worries. The right time, safe and reliable. Check.


It's not just PowerPoint any more.
AV is becoming increasingly common, and important, in modern stage productions. Whilst still really the baby of technical theatre, this area is growing and getting it right can be a tricky business. StS work alongside some of the best video designers in the business and can make a cast iron promise that we will never use that typewriter 'ping' noise that your boss does in his "super professional PowerPoint presentations". (Unless thats the look you're going for). Seriously though, the options are endless and we have experience in not only producing high quality projected static imagery, but also interactive media for installations and promenade theatre. So come on, try us.


Design it. Rig it. Patch it. Focus it. Plot it.
Lighting isn't just about being able to see things. It's about the delicate quality of a morning's sunrise, an evening sunset with the hint of romance, a soulless moon on a haunted night…
…or something like that. Lighting can make or break your show and if its the simplest play or most complicated musical we can help pull it together. We have experience in designing for all sizes of venues, rigging in the oddest of places, and plotting with Ions, Strands, Orbs, SmartFades, Maxims, Jesters and Frogs (none of which are 70's Glam Rock bands). So should you need an entire Lighting Design, or just someone to press Go - we can provide it.


High Quality? Sounds Good.
Asides from poor puns, StS also understands how critical sound can be to your production. If the audience can't hear, it'll be the first thing they mention on their way home and your guitar solo might as well have never happened. If your actor is meant to be stood in a cave and he doesn't sound suitably echoey then no backdrop will convince your audience, if your music sounds no better than it would out of your iPhone then you might as well not bother at all. StS know that sound is critical. We aim to provide the best quality experience for your budget, and have the skills to deal with problems quickly meaning that your production doesn't suffer. Theatre, Live Music, Events, Effects, Design - Ask Us. We'll hear you (but refuse to stop with the puns).

Special Effects

Make your production go with a WIPAASHHH BOOM!
(And of course, a bang.)
We’re all suckers for a little excitement in our lives, and why should we let party poppers and Guy Fawkes have all the fun? Robots exploding, dancing on clouds, glitter falling from the sky - it’s all do-able, as is most of what's in your imagination. This is where theatre starts to get really exciting. Test us with your biggest and most exciting ideas and we’ll do our best to make them happen. All StS staff are trained in Pyrotechnic Safety and provide completely safe effects with full training. Alternatively, we can stay on site and operate them for you, giving you the peace of mind to get on with more pressing matters.

Kit Hire

We'll get you what you need.
Everyone needs to hire some equipment now and then, should it be a snow machine for a magical christmas scene or a moving light to make things a bit more fancy. We can help. StS can get you whatever you need at competitive rates. Contact us for a competitive quote.