PAT Testing, Repair Work, Installation - we do it all.

Venue Servicing

We'll keep everything in check.
Every venue needs maintaining. Equipment can wither away without the proper care and attention it deserves. At StS, we offer tailor made packages to suit your venue to ensure that you don't have to worry about a thing. We will happily take on your venues maintenance and yearly testing and repairs, as well as support round the clock and advice on what the best technology is for replacements, should you want to make some upgrades. We will take care of everything for you. Get in touch and let us tailor a package to you.

Portable Appliance Testing

But call her PAT for short.
Unfortunately, everyone has to make that yearly visit to PAT. Why not get in touch with us and find out about our PAT Testing packages. We will happily take on your venues yearly testing, and as part of our package, we will carry out any repairs on the equipment to make sure that it gets that all important green sticker. We also can clean your equipment as part of this too, it makes sense to do it all at once right? We always aim to leave a venue with no failed equipment left in a dusty corner, we want it in position and doing it's job.


If it's broke, we'll fix it.
Things break - that's life. At StS, we are happy to take a look at your broken equipment and see what we can do to fix it. Moving Lights, Speakers, Dimmers, Lanterns, Lighting Desks and much more. Let us take a look for you. We always aim to fully fix any broken equipment back to it's original state and with approved parts, so that any repairs last, and it isn't coming straight back in a few days. Well, no offence but we don't want your equipment cluttering up our unit! Get in touch and see what we can do to repair your broken kit.


No PowerPoint presentations - we promise.
Running a venue can be tough, and let's face it - staff leave. So, why not pass training over to us as part of a package? When a new staff member starts we can pop in and bring them up to scratch with the system and how everything links together. Believe us, that makes life so much easier as a technician. Training doesn't end there too, we are happy to provide training sessions for students on lighting and sound systems and how the industry really works. Our training is interactive, exciting and hands on. Absolutely no boring PowerPoints in sight!