About Us

Well... Let us explain.

A Brief History

Stage technical Services (or StS as we're known to our friends) was born in 2011 to four loving parents. These parents happened to be theatre technicians who will do whatever they can to get your gig up, going and gone all with minimal fuss and within budget. If it's a lighting design you need, we've got it covered. A Stage Manager? No problems. A full team to work on your production of 50 Shades of Grey? We've already got the props. Seriously though, we enjoy what we do. It's half the battle. We care that everything we do is one step ahead, throughly professional and exactly how you imagined it.

Today, three loving parents remain, now operating from our very own office space at Emmanuel Hall in Exeter. If we like you, we might even let you come round for a cup of tea! So, why not give us a shout and ask? Just send us an email or a message on our contact form with what your requirements are or what you're hoping to achieve and we'll be in touch. Also you can like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

What Our Customers Say

  • I have worked with StS for several years and Amy and the team have consistently delivered quality sound and lighting. They meet with me to identify my needs and communicate and stay in touch throughout the project. And on this occasion they had to also keep Bristol University in the loop, which they did very well. Consistently cheerful helpful and fun to work with.

    • Joe McNulty, Theatre Learning
  • StS, the one stop shop for all your technical needs. They are a wealth of knowledge and always a pleasure to work with. I always get excited when a contract hits my desk with these guys as the shows we work on together are always meticulously planned, thoroughly thought out and when an illusive technical gremlin appears, they are always quick at hand and fault find as if it were a tiny hiccup.

    • Sam Jones, ITTS
  • We were led through the gloom of the house, following the characters from room to room. Clever and moody lighting added to the sinister atmosphere created by the modest cast, and was subtley and effortlessly executed.

    • Express & Echo Review, Jekyll & Hyde
  • The reaction to the sound has been uniformly positive and that is the first time I can remember that happening! I realise that it is not the easiest or best equipped venue for you, nor the most generous of budgets, but you certainly came up trumps.

    • Andrew Pryce, TOPS Musical Productions
  • StS have been great to work with - reliable, friendly and professional. We had so much good feedback about the lighting from cast and audiences, it completely transformed the look of my show to exactly where I wanted it to be, so thank you.

    • Chloe Whittaker, Writers Block Theatre
  • A massive thank you to StS for your time and patience. Everything went well, every pyro, smoke puff and flame behaved without a hitch. We had a fantastic week and the reviews have mentioned the amazing fireworks!

    • Dawn Lawton, CYGAMS

Meet the Team

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